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  • Confidence of an extra layer of clinical oversight
  • Empowers you to offer a far wider range of PGD authorised services
  • Enables you to compete with online pharmacies
  • Attracts new customers and enhances your relationship with existing ones
  • Highly cost and time efficient
  • No more costly storage of patient records as they are securely stored electronically
  • The highest level of clinical governance
  • Multiple partners have access to their own electronic management reporting system




  • Access to Prescription Only Medicines and vaccinations without having to visit your GP
  • Convenience of a drop-in service at your local pharmacy
  • Safe and secure, with the opportunity to discuss your condition with your pharmacist
  • Drop in and walk away with your medication in less than 10 mins, 5 if you complete at home
  • You only pay for the medication, the consultation is free
  • Access to a wide range of services including, Travel medicines, Travel vaccinations (including Yellow Fever & Rabies), Erectile dysfunction, Hair loss treatment, Winter flu vaccinations, Anti-viral medication and many others.